XTREME is offering up to 50% off appliances on Lazada 7.15 Bounce Back Sale

    XTREME is joining the Lazada 7.15 Bounce Back Sale where you can get up to 50% off home appliances. They will also be offering several appliance bundles as well as free shipping on select items.

    Looking for a new TV? XTREME is offering two TV models for sale: a 40-inch and a 32-inch TV. Both TVs will be available will be available in flash sales at 12:00am to 2:00am, 12:00pm to 2:00pm, and 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

    XTREME Flash Sale – TV
    ApplianceOriginal PriceSale Price
    40-inch XTREME LED TVPhP 10,495PhP 9,995
    32-inch XTREME LED TVPhP 11,995PhP 5,795

    If you’re more into cooking and blending your own beverage, XTREME is providing discounts to blenders, kettles, and cookers. Sale times will be at 12:00am to 2:00am and 12:00pm until 2:00pm.

    Flash Sale – Cooking Appliances
    ApplianceOriginal PriceSale Price
    Plastic Jar Blender 1.5LPhP 1,695PhP 1,595
    Plastic Jar Blender 1.25LPhP 1,495PhP 1,395
    Personal Blender 600mlPhP 1,295PhP 1,195
    Stainless Electric KettlePhP 1,495PhP 1,395
    Glass Electric KettlePhP 995PhP 895
    Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0LPhP 2,495PhP 2,395
    Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8LPhP 2,995PhP 2,895
    Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8LPhP 1,995PhP 1,895
    Induction CookerPhP 1,995PhP 1,895

    Missed the flash sale? Fortunately, the brand will still be holding sale throughout the day. While the prices are not as good compared to the flash sale, the items participating are still discounted from their original prices.

    Regular Sale Items
    ApplianceOriginal PriceSale Price
    Digital Microwave OvenPhP 3.995PhP 3,295
    Plastic Jar Blender 1.5LPhP 1,695PhP 1.650
    Plastic Jar Blender 1.25LPhP 1,495PhP 1,450
    Personal Blender 600mlPhP 1,295PhP 1,250
    Stainless Electric KettlePhP 1,495PhP 1,450
    Glass Electric KettlePhP 995PhP 950
    Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0LPhP 2,495PhP 2,420
    Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8LPhP 2,995PhP 2,935
    Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8LPhP 1,995PHP 1,930
    Induction CookerPhP 1,995PhP 1,950

    XTREME will also be bundling several items together on the sale. Getting these participating washing machines will net you a free XTREME Manual Control Microwave.

    Bundle Promos
    ApplianceBundled ItemPrice
    XTREME 9.0kg Front Load Condensing DryerXTREME Manual Control MicrowavePhP 24,995
    XTREME 9.0kg Front Load WasherXTREME Manual Control MicrowavePhP 24,955

    Select items will also be eligible for free shipping if you purchase them on July 15, 2020 during the Lazada Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale.

    Free Shipping
    XTREME Front Load Combo Washer and DryerPhP 44,995
    XTREME Manual Control MicrowavePhP 2,995
    XTREME Digital Microwave OvenPhP 3,295
    XTREME Tabletop Water DispenserPhP 3,995
    XTREME Bottom Load Water DispenserPhP 3,995
    XTREME Single Door RefrigeratorPhP 11,995
    XTREME Window-type Aircon with RemotePhP 13,800

    You can visit the official XTREME Lazada store to see any of these deals. You can also visit their own website and Facebook page for more updates for their appliances.


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