You Can Control Your Powerpoint Using the Apple Watch – Hungry Geeks

Microsoft was pretty quick to support Apple’s new Watch with an update, and the company is showing signs of support on the new smartwatch. The popular software maker has updated PowerPoint for iPhone today to allow future Apple Watch users to control their powerpoint slideshow from their wrists. It’s one of the more useful apps for the Apple Watch right now, with the ability to navigate through slides and see the running time or total number of slides in your presentation.

While it might be nifty for iPhone owners to remote control slideshows using their Apple Watch, Microsoft is not extending this useful feature to the PC and Mac. You’ll only be able to control your slideshows using an iPhone. With the vast majority of presentations still uses laptops connected using VGA cables, extending this remote control to a PC would make this Apple Watch app even more useful and will make you think if it is really worth buying.

Apple Watch is not yet available in the Philippines, but you can expect it to be released sometime in June or July (hopefully).



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