You can now check out the whole database of COMELEC – Hungry Geeks

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Last month, a group of hackers known as LulzSec Pilipinas was able to hack the COMELEC website and was able to get the whole site’s database which includes confidential information of more than 70 million registered voters and was kind enough to share the whole 3GB of information online. Today, they made a website in which you could search through the database so you’ll be able to search for a name and get the information about it.

The website is created by a group of hackers called LulzSec (we don’t advise anyone to visit the website as we don’t condone stealing someone’s identity) and all you have to do is search for a name. It will then give you information about the name like full name, date of birth, address and even passport information.

I tried to search for my name but it failed to give me the information. Considering that I just registered this year, maybe COMELEC didn’t upload the recent voters online.




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