You save a lot of money if you get the Huawei Mate 20 Series via Smart GigaX Plans

    We’re not kidding, it’s like Huawei has magic powers in how they were able to cram so many features in the Huawei Mate 20 series while still being relatively affordable. With the SRP of being Php40,990 for the Mate 20 and Php49,990 for the Mate 20 Pro.

    Amazing features such as the triple independent Leica camera setup wowed everyone along with in-display fingerprint and face unlock technology brings a new generation of smartphone for Huawei fit to be called the #KingofAndroid. Why so? Well, Huawei just made the Mate 20 series much faster with the new Kirin 980 chipset which has the better processing power for AI not only in photography but also everyday work and it doesn’t slow down after a year.

    Radically, they even thought of the small things such as a perforated glass for few fingerprint marks and even a reverse wireless charging mode?….that’s just Huawei making things more….challenging.

    But if the praises aren’t enough, Huawei also mastered something which other manufacturers weren’t able to do and that is SPEED. Launched October 18, 2018, at London, the Mate 20 series is now available for pre-order starting October 27, 2018.

    With Smart Communications, the plans for the Mate 20 Series are seriously affordable. We say so as this is very much FAR FAR away from the Smart iPhone Xs Plans we reported recently.

    Smart GigaX Mate 20 

    You can get both Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro in deferred monthly payments starting at Plan 1499 and above. For the Plan 1499 which is ideal in pricing, you get 5GB monthly open data + 10GB video data for YT, Fox+ and iWantTV. Additionally, there is 60mins of calls and unlimited SMS to all networks.

    You just add Php16,800 or Php600 for 24 months monthly for Plan 1499. Bringing only a difference of Php11,786 for plan 1499 versus getting a prepaid data plan. That’s still cheaper than getting the phone in prepaid and getting a sim-only data plan!

    Smart GigaX Mate 20 Pro

    Same with the Mate 20 Pro, we’re surprised at the price here as for Plan 1499 you just need to add Php26,400 or Php1,100 monthly for 24 months. Against the SRP of Php49,990, the Mate 20 Pro via Smart GigaX plans only has a difference of Php12,386 and it’s again cheaper than getting it via phone only with a sim-only plan.

    Huawei is seriously in a good position now to call themselves that innovator not only in smartphones but also in speed in delivering these phones to the local market. We’re amazed last P20 series when it was delivered in the country at a fast timeline and Huawei once again impressed us when it’s now available for pre-order in just one week.

    Other brands will take a month or even half a year before pre-order starts and we applaud Huawei for making this trend possible as this is what NEW SMARTPHONES should be.

    You can pre-order the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro via Smart GigaX Plans now and we’re sure that these smartphones won’t disappoint.

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