Your car perfume should be the same class as your car – Hungry Geeks

Sometimes when we are at the car accessories store, we often buy car perfumes that allure our nose. Unfortunately, most of the car fresheners / perfumes in the market contain artificial content that protrudes our noses and even irritates others. Many don’t know that some car perfumes even just mix with the current smell of your car instead of eliminating it, giving that uneasy smell after a few days.

That’s why you need a car freshener that has a diffuser, it acts as an air purifier and scent disseminator to fully circulate the smell of your car. Take example this car diffuser from Mia Maison, it plugs in to your car’s AC port to work.

You will just have to drop a few oil into the cotton on the top of the diffuser, close the lid and plug it in to enjoy the scent. Now, this is a slow-releasing diffuser which takes up 10-15 mins to work. The beauty of this mechanism is that it doesn’t bind to your car’s upholstery or even aircon filter, which avoids the unnecessary smell buildup in your car.

In our experience, though the release of the scent is slow it is still enough for a small car for the whole vehicle to cover. One refill is good for around 3-4 days of driving in our experience, so far we haven’t even depleted out 50ml bottle.

Now we say this is a good investment for your vehicle as it will save you costs in the long run, plus we always have the attitude to pamper our car with the best and that should be as well for the car perfume.

The car diffuser sells for Php695 pesos while a 100ml aromatherapy oil cost around Php900 pesos. Yes the price might be steep at first, but we forecast that our supply will last around 2-3 months at the rate of our usage and that’s just 50ml. So it’s not bad for the intention of keeping your car smelling good and for the better health of your nose.



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