YouTube revamps logo, adds new features | News and Reviews

After sticking to its classic logo for the past twelve years, YouTube has redesigned its logo and along with this change, added more functions for a more streamlined entertainment experience. The new logo now sports the YouTube title with bold letters with the classic red button beside it.

This change comes with several notable features that are a welcome change to YouTube such as a new Library and Account sections, in-app ability to speed up or slow down playback of videosand less black bars in vertically-shot content.

For the desktop version, the overall layout sticks to the same format as before. The biggest change in the desktop experience is the addition of a built-in dark mode. We’re no longer bound by Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey (for Chrome users) if we want a darker version of the YouTube layout. You can also enjoy YouTube’s recent changes with videos from our channel!

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