The much awaited ZenFone 2 128GB Storage is now finally officially announced by ASUS. Live from India, ASUS Chairman Johhney Shih introduces the ZenFone 2 Deluxe which has the same configuration of the flagship ZenFone 2 but with a different back cover.

ZenFone Deluxe Price



Prized at 22,999 Indian Dollars it’s roughly Php16,500 pesos in the Philippines which means we could find it around 17,000 pesos. But what’s interesting is the huge 128GB Storage for its price.

ZenFone Deluxe Size

Given the storage, it can take up to 25 Full HD movies or up to 64 graphic demanding games. Not to mention that it also has MicroSD storage expansion…now that’s crazy! Stay tuned for more  news as we progressively posting news about ZenFestival.