How To Get Wasteland 3 Nuclear Armor Set

nucular armor set

Wasteland 3’s Nucular (Nuclear) Armor Set is hands down one of the best armor sets in the game, beating the Power Armor with its 61 Armor Points. However, getting this set isn’t as easy as getting it from several chests. You need a bit of patience for it as it is connected to an unlisted quest that you can get during the early parts of the game.

How To Get The Wasteland 3 Nuclear Armor (Nucular)

Sans Luxe Apartments in Downtown Colorado Springs

In Downtown Colorado Springs, you can go and meet a blue person called Satoshi in the Sans Luxe Apartment. Talking to the guy will give you the “Mysterious Briefcase”, explicitly telling you not to open it until the right time.

Opening The Briefcase

If the curiosity if too much, you can open it immediately and be disappointed as the briefcase contains useless Scrap.

Meet Satoshi After Dealing With Liberty

Holding on to it, however, gives you the Nucular Armor which can be quite helpful in the end-game. After either arresting or eliminating Liberty, you will then be met by Satoshi near the gas station of Yuma County. He will then ask you if you still have the “Mysterious Briefcase”. Returning it to him will give you the full set of Nucular Armor.

Not opening the briefcase also rewards you with the Achievement “Restraint”.

On a side note, you can refuse to give Satoshi the “Mysterious Briefcase”. He will then ask you a couple of times for it. Outright refusing will cause Satoshi and his bots to attack you. Killing all of them does not drop the Nucular Armor.

Who Is Satoshi?

This little sidequest is a reference to the real world enigmatic “Satoshi Nakamoto” that developed and created the digital currency, Bitcoin. Like the quest itself, Bitcoin was initially valued to be almost nothing, with 10,000 Bitcoins just enough to buy 2 pizzas during the year 2010. A decade after, Bitcoins are now valued at approximately US$11,000 a piece.

Wasteland 3 Nuclear Armor (Nucular) Set Stats

The Nucular Armor has the same 8 Strength requirement as the Power Armor. The main difference between the two is that the Nucular Armor has a total of 61 Armor points while the Power Armor only has 43. This effectively makes the wearer a tank and is quite useful for melee and assault combatants. Go get it before the final battle of the game!

Nucular Armor PieceArmor Stats
Nucular Armor HelmetArmor +15
Nucular Armor ChestArmor +31
Nucular Armor LegsArmor +15

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