Where To Find Wasteland 3 Golden Scorpitron & How To Beat It


The Golden Scorpitron is touted as the hardest boss in Wasteland 3. It has 7,000+ HP and it is a bigger and more heavily-armed version of the already formidable normal Scorpitron. So, where can you find it?

I was able to encounter the Golden Scorpitron in the area marked above. From Yuma County, drive west while hugging the borders of the map. The encounter can be found between the large warehouse and the tall antenna. Wedge yourself into that space to trigger the fight. Remember to have the Level 3 Radiation Shielding for your Kodiak first before venturing into this area.

I recommend that you try and visit this place once you are ready as retreating and then going back again won’t work. I found that once you refuse the Golden Scorpitron event, it will not trigger again at the same location. It might respawn in another area only after sometime, though this is yet unconfirmed. If you’re sure that you can beat it, then by all means, try the spot above.

How To Beat The Golden Scorpitron

The Golden Scorpitron has an unbelievable amount of health with 7,000+ HP. Oh no! What could we possibly do with the game’s strongest enemy?

7,140 HP versus 14,700 damage

Ram it with the Kodiak for an instant win. Yes, it is cheesy, but it brings results.

Rewards For Winning

After beating the Golden Scorpitron fair and square by crushing it with the mighty Kodiak multiple times, I consistently got a Tactical Nuke, a Neutron Sniper Rifle, and Energy Cells from it. The remaining ones were junk.

After beating it, you can go towards the eastern part of the battle map for a Large Container filled with ammo. If you have enough Perception (which is probably a given given this late game), go to the northeastern edge to find a mound that you can dig up. Digging it up nets you the Winner’s Badge that gives you +1 to all stats, and the Time Capsule letter.

Get Time Capsule For An On-Going Contest

The contest requires you to take a picture of the contents of the letter together with the current time on your computer

Beating the Golden Scorpitron is part of a contest being held by the developers for an event that runs until November 30, 2020. Players that have met and defeated the Golden Scorpitron can use the Time Capsule letter to join the event. You can know more about the said contest here.

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