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wasteland knox bison ranch

The Knox Bison Ranch is a location in Wasteland 3 and is part of the side quest “Head Hunter”. This quest involves tracking down 5 individuals, 3 of which are in the Knox Bison Ranch. But in the vast open world of post-apocalyptic Colorado, where the hell is Knox Bison Ranch?

Wasteland 3 Knox Bison Ranch Location

Knox Bison Ranch Map

Wrap Up Aspen First

The Knox Bison Ranch is a location that can be unlocked after you resolve the story quest “The Psycopath” in Aspen. After wrapping up in Colorado Springs, you can immediately head southeast to the Eastern Plains (brown part of the map). Once you cross the bridge, a radio transmission will come in asking you to help them with their ranch troubles. This introduces the side quest “Hard Knox Life” and also reveals the location of the Knox Bison Ranch.

Note that going there before finishing the story mission “The Psycopath” will lead to nothing. You need to trigger the radio transmission in order to see the location of Knox Bison Ranch.

Hard Knox Life Side Quest

Use chokepoints and AoE weapons to dispatch all enemies in this area.

This quest is relatively easy and involves you killing the Scar Collectors and Ice Hoppers (blue giant frogs) behind the ranch. Make good use of AoE weapons to damage multiple enemies and use distance to your advantage.

If you’re looking to do “Head Hunter” side quest, 3 of the 5 targets are in this map. However, you need to complete this “Hard Knox Life” first to draw out your targets. The 2 will come out after the Scar Collectors are gone, and the last one can be picked up once the giant frogs are cleared out.

After clearing the Ice Hoppers, go back to the Ranch Leader to end the “Hard Knox Life” quest.

Wrapping Up “Head Hunter” Side Quest

You won’t convince any of the 3 brothers here. The orders are clear though – bring them back dead or alive.

The 3 targets in “Head Hunter” side quest can be found here. One of which is already dead and the other 2 still alive. Both will refuse to come back to their cannibal boss even when requested to. Ultimately, the only thing you can do is shoot them down. Note that the whole area will not care about you killing both of them.

Completing “Head Hunter” unlocks the Power Armor and the “Goat Cannon” Mortar for the Kodiak. It is highly recommended that you complete “Head Hunter” as it gives you another set of Power Armor, an end-game armor, and it also does not affect your reputation in any way.

Repair The Toaster

The Toaster located on the 2nd floor of the ranch contains an item necessary to assemble the Golden Toaster. Having the Golden Toaster unlocks the Toaster Repair Academy, giving you access the the best armor in the game, the Verchitin Set.

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