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wasteland 3 morningstar choices

Want to know what you can get from Morningstar in Wasteland 3? How do you get to it? Should you get the AI or the weapon? Here’s a breakdown of the choices and what you can get from this quest:

Wasteland 3 Morningstar Quest Location & Details

Travel To Union Station

Morningstar’s quest can be triggered by simply loitering around Union Station. A radio communication will come in asking you to come to Union Station to save him. Although optional, dealing with Morningstar in Union Station nets you a possible new companion, upgrades for the Kodiak, and some good loot.

Once you arrive at the station, you’ll be immediately confronted by Fish-Lips, the leader of the cannibals staying in the area. You can use a variety of choices to get around him (provided that your game doesn’t bug out) and interact with Morningstar.

For Fish-Lip’s conversation choices and bug workarounds, you can check our guide here.

Meeting Morningstar

After Fishlips, head inside the station and either confront the cannibals inside or sneak to the left room. Fighting is optional here and you can meet Morningstar without any fights occuring.

Once you get to the room, you’ll then be confronted with a simple puzzle.

Union Station Switch Puzzle Solution

Follow the sequence above to open the bookshelf

Interact with the switches as displayed in the image above to open the bookshelf and access Morningstar’s terminal.

Interacting with the terminal, you’ll then be asked to access another terminal to open the vault door. If you went with the stealth route and managed to evade the cannibals in the large hall, melt the ice using a flamethrower to push forward. Don’t worry about fighting the enemies that guard this part of the map if you dealt with Fish-Lips. Proceed to the lone structure and use the terminal to open the previous terminal’s controls. Afterwards, head back and down the staircase again.

Morningstar’s Choices

Upon entering Morningstar’s vault, you will then be asked to either delete or transplant the AI to your Kodiak. Alternatively, you can just end the game here for an explosive ending.

As this is a point of no return, best make a save before you interact with Morningstar.

Choice 1: Kill Morningstar

Killing Morningstar gives you a powerful vehicle weapon called “The Great Communicator”. To do this, simply choose the options to quickly dismantle Morningstar.

Choice 2: Transplant the AI

For this one, you need to raise the idea that Morningstar can still serve even without his intended master. Converse with Morningstar until you get options to convince him. Don’t worry about locking yourself out of the conversation, just choose the options that try to convince him to open more skill check choices.

Ultimately, you need to have any of the following skills to convince Morningstar to join your team:

Choice 3: Alternate Ending

To get this, callously delay your operation on Morningstar and choose options “We can’t kill you like this. We’ll fix it” and “It’s fine. We got this”. As Morningstar’s defense mechanism activates, you and your squad get caught up in the explosion. Try to get this ending for a trophy or an achievement.

Wasteland 3 Morningstar: AI or Weapon?

Get The Morningstar AI

Getting the AI is a way better option than getting the weapon. The Morningstar AI chip gives your Kodiak an additional 2 AP, allowing it to make more moves. This becomes handy especially when fighting difficult encounters as the Kodiak can just ram enemies to kill them. Another thing is that you can equip the incredibly useful “Turbocharger”, which gives you 33% world map speed, only if you have the Morningstar AI.

Note that getting the AI allows you to view Morningstar’s fate during the game’s ending.

Morningstar-Only Vehicle Equipment

Turbocharger Kodiak Equipment Rad Shield Kodiak Equipment

Aside from the reasons stated above, the Great Communicator itself is not a great weapon for the Kodiak. If you want more firepower and a unique weapon ability, you should get the Railgun instead (you can get this as a reward from the Patriarch for capturing Valor Buchanan). Sure, you can argue that the 4 AP per attack can be useful, but then again, you do get extra 2 AP with the AI which can then be spent on either movement or more attacks.

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