Wasteland 3 Tactical Nuke – How To Use


Ever encountered those red shells having the name of “Tactical Nuke” in Wasteland 3? Well, here’s how you can use it. First off, you need a weapon to fire it from. That weapon is a unique launcher called the Nooka Zuka and its only ammo is the Tactical Nuke.

Here is a piece of advice to start things: never sell your Tactical Nukes.

Nooka Zuka Requirements:

The Nooka Zuka can be obtained from a Hidden Structure (Bunker) on the southeast edge of the map (pictured below). As you the immediate area is surrounded by high-level radiation, you need to have the maximum Level 3 Radiation Shielding for your Kodiak in order to go here. Also, it is important that you have the requirements below so you can get the item in one go.

How To Get The Nooka Zuka

  1. Go to the southwestern side of the map (use the map above as reference), a bit northeast of Yuma County. You need the Kodiak’s Level 3 Radiation Shielding for this.
  2. Choose the first option with Sneaky Shit
  3. Go with the Explosives route

There you have it! After you choose the options, you’ll then get the Nooka Zuka immediately. Note that choosing the Lockpick option will destroy the bunker, destroying the weapon and leaving you with junk.

Tactical Nuke Damage Stats & Others

A mushroom cloud send-off for a Scar Collector Squad. Check out the 4K critical damage!

Firing the Nooka Zuka with the Tactical Nuke leaves a large mushroom cloud, drowning a couple of squares with radiation as an after-effect. For comparison, it is way larger than the Rocket Lauchers’ “Nuke Strike” skill. Just look at the picture above and you’ll know that it can wipe out dozens of enemy troops in one go.

Again, a character must have the maximum 10 Explosives skill in order to equip the Nooka Zuka to fire the Tactical Nuke.

How To Get More Tactical Nukes

The Tactical Nukes are rewards or rare ammo that can be taken from bosses and hidden chests. You can also get them from rare merchants like Cheebus that you can encounter on the World Map. Unfortunately, conventional shops like in Yuma County and the Ranger HQ do not offer additional Tactical Nukes.

With the rarity of this ammo, it is best that you use it only for the more difficult encounters such as bosses and enemy mobs.

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