Wasteland 3 Massacre Site – Secrets & Location


The Massacre Site is an optional location that you can visit in Wasteland 3. It is recommended to drop by it as it may reward you with enough firepower to complete the game. Located at the southeastern part of the map, you can only go here during the final stages of Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Massacre Site Map Location

Wasteland 3 Massacre Site Map LocationContains Loot, The Best SMG, & The Secret Honey Badger

First off, don’t worry about entering the Massacre Site. There are no enemies here and you are free to roam and interact with everything inside it. However, you do need to have the maximum Radiation Shielding of 3 for your Kodiak to get here safely.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by several mangled corpses surrounding an angry Honey Badger. With enough Perception, you can find several spots that you can dig for additional loot. You can also find the best SMG in Wasteland 3, the PDW-01, here. Loots except the PDW-01 are random, so lootable weapons and items here change when you quickload.

Aside from the ill-tempered Honey Badger, no other living characters are present in this area.

Honey Badger Animal Companion & Pet

Honey Badger TamedThe Honey Badger is an animal that is located in the Massacre Site. You can recruit it as your ally and pet if you have an Animal Whisperer skill of 10. To invite it to join your team, just simply approach it.

Strongest Animal Companion

Honey Badger high damage and criticalThe Honey Badger is the best animal companion in the game, hands down. It has a lot of HP, more than the Kodiak itself. It has enough AP to attack enemies thrice in a single turn. Not only that, but it can cause bleed and lands criticals like a truck. Without a doubt, you have to get this one if you want to breeze through the ending.

Honey Badger Tough Enough PerkOne thing to note is that the Honey Badger’s HP lowers to a certain degree once it joins your team. The squad member that was able to get into its good sides (the one with Animal Whisperer 10) gets a passive Tough Enough perk that adds +1 Downed Time.

Fighting The Honey Badger

Fighting the Honey Badger

The Honey Badger is immune to the Kodiak’s ramming.

Just for kicks, I tried fighting the Honey Badger with my team by forcing them to shoot at it. It has an astronomically large AP, meaning that it is possible for it to kill your team in a single turn. Fortunately, my squad prevailed and I was rewarded with nothing. The Honey Badger does not drop any loot when killed. You also don’t get any trophies or achievements for your labors.

Get The Best SMG PDW-01 In The Massacre Site

Wasteland 3 PDW-01

You can find the best SMG in the game, the PDW-01 in the Massacre Site. You can find it by interacting with the mound at the mouth of the cave. Note that the content varies but the PDW-01 is a guaranteed loot.

To know more about how you can get this PDW-01 early on in the game (for your next playthrough), check out our guide here.

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